Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stamp Show Miracles and Madness

 30 Day Coloring Challenge

What is more fun than a stamp show? We don’t get many here in Kansas City. So when a show comes as near as 3 hours away, I’m in! With my good stamping buddy, Claudia, we hit the road at 6:00 pm after her all-day watercolor class on Saturday. I don’t mind driving at night. It was a joy to get out of Dodge for our little obsession. 

Half way to Collinsville, IL we stopped for a great, inexpensive dinner (thank you, Yelp!) and gas. Except that I forgot to get the gas after a friend called just as we got back in the car. I yakked for 20 minutes before noticing we were soon going to run out of gas. 

I’m from New Jersey; what do I know about long, rural stretches of highway without an open gas station on a Saturday night? When I told Claudia we could be in trouble, her response was, “I’ll start praying.” Soon after that, she saw a sign for a Sinclair station at the next exit.

I pulled off at the very dark Danville, MO exit, hoping the station was open. When it wasn’t, I dug out my AAA card and prepared to call when another vehicle arrived. We watched to see what the guy in the truck would do when he saw the station was closed. But he had a key, opened the door and went in! We were saved! Red was not only helpful, but charming. Thank you, Red. You were a true angel.  

But you want to hear about the Collinsville, IL show. It was just right--not too small to be disappointing and not too big to manage in one afternoon. 

I made a short video of my stash. You’ll have to wait while I work on getting it uploaded. All this technology is overwhelming. How to edit the video and get it on to the blog? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

What did I get at the show? Mostly stuff I’ve been waiting for: a 12 pack of zig watercolor markers, some sweet sentiments stamps from Crackerbox, a filagree die from Our Daily Bread, my first PanPastels (great price on 8 of my choice and half price on the holder and applicators!), two Nuvo crystal liquid drop bottles, a fine line applicator tip for my multi medium matte, and the big splurge (drum roll, please) new additions to my collection of Stamps by Judith and the lacquer dimensional paint tubes I’ve been looking at since I started this crazy hobby ten years ago. The price has come down since then. Plus, now I know more about what I’m going to use and what I’m not. 

Claudia and I closed the show on Sunday at 4 without winning any door prizes. One day. What’s important is we had a fun time and got some new toys. I also learned about new techniques, got some great ideas, did a few free 'make and takes’ and got us home safe and sound. Winning!!

So why would going to a stamp show be ‘madness?’ It’s not the show--it’s the crazy energy anticipating it. Once I’m inside, there’s a money-spending madness. I tend to go overboard buying things I don’t ever see at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or Joanne. What's so bad? I don’t fly airplanes anymore. A day of golf would cost more. I don’t drink or do drugs or shop for shoes or expensive clothes, eat in fancy restaurants or go to rock concerts. Any hobby would require my time, talent and treasure. Stamping too. On the plus side: it is a creative endeavor, keeps me out of the stores AND makes me so happy! From what I can tell, I am not alone. Crafters unite! Stop feeling guilty about paying for your fun. Whose voice is that in your head anyway? Time to let it go! 

Did I forget about the Coloring Challenge? No way! This morning I got back to the fun and finished the watercolor, shaker card for my friend Joe’s 55th birthday on Saturday. I even mailed it out. Go me! 

If anyone has suggestions on how to take good photography of my cards (including videos), I’d appreciate hearing back. Till then, happy crafting!

Blessings and blue skies,

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