Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2

I’m still at it. Haven’t quit trying to figure out the technology required to be a modern hobbyist. But oy vey. Getting Instagram--the real app and NOT one of the thousands of ‘get follower’ apps that came up--was a headache I did not need today. Breathe. Relax. Watch the attitude, Lesley.   

To my credit, I DID get the the photo uploaded to Instagram. Yay! You can find me there as lesleyblueskies. Or is that #lesleyblueskies ? What’s a hashtag anyway? Will I ever figure out the social media thing? 

For my next trick, I’m going to attempt to link this blog to the Daily Marker blog. Wish me luck!

About this card: The watercolors are Kuretaki Gansai in layers of blues and green with Picket Fence Distress Paint flicked on for the stars. I used Strathmore yellow watercolor paper but do not remember when or where I picked up the ballerina stamp. The finished card will have sequins, but I wanted to get the coloring posted for the challenge. 

You might notice that I goofed embossing the ballerina. It’s a beautiful rubber stamp, with stars all through her silhouette. Because I grabbed the clear embossing powder instead of the white, I decided to Versamark over it a second time with the opaque white, but did not get the clean image I wanted. Oh well. Next time. It was fun anyway. The box of clear powder is now labeled. Progress, not perfection. 

What did go well: rigging up a light box to take the photo. A good day!

Blessings and blue skies,

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