Wednesday, July 6, 2016

And now for something completely different!

The best things happen for me in July. I have no idea why. They just do. So here’s a another blessing--the art blog I have wanted to create for years. I knew when Kathy Raccosin advertised this new 30 Day Color Challenge for July that I would have to get in on it. I love color, card making and new ways to stretch my abilities, so how could I resist! 

First challenge--putting this blog together. I am NOT a natural techy. Fittingly, it’s how I stretch my abilities. Being a boomer, tech does not come easily to me. But I do try my best to keep up. In the tech challenge category is how to get photos from my phone and iPad into this blog… quickly… because I have to get ready for work. Instagram is still a mystery to me. I have it, but keep getting frustrated with it and Pinterest. 

These should be the biggest problems of my life, right. 

So, back to gratitude. I am grateful for this hobby, grateful that my work supports this little addiction, grateful I do not have anyone criticizing it or putting me down for it, and grateful I have good friends to share it with.

Alas, I am out of time for today. Just wanted to post to Kathy’s 30 day Color Challenge. Thank you, crafters and card makers out there in the world. I am grateful for you, too!

Blessings and blue skies,

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